Small Beginnings

Well, I had time to get a few pictures off of the camera today. There's one Chris took of my belly on the 1st - just starting to show!!! Chris' dad arrived today to visit us for the weekend (drove ... View Post about Small Beginnings

To Puck

On Tuesday night, our amazing and funny baby-dog was hit by a car and on Wednesday, he left us, missing him forever. Wonderful Auntie Maliko wrote a eulogy for him, as only she could, and because, ... View Post about To Puck

New Doctor

I had a great appointment this morning with Margi, a certified nurse midwife in Rhinebeck. She's very friendly and personable, and made me feel comfortable from the moment she walked in the room - ... View Post about New Doctor

Snow Day

It's been snowing here since late last night, and I got a snow day. Poor Chris still had to drive to school in the wee hours of this morning - there's no rest for the weary in his industry, even with ... View Post about Snow Day

Wedding Cameras

Remember the disposable cameras that were on each table at our wedding? Well, when we went home for Christmas, my mom gave the pictures to us, and we finally got to look at them only about a ... View Post about Wedding Cameras

Due Date

We have a date! Estimated due date = August 24th. I had my first ultrasound today and got to see the tiny peanut of a baby, heart beat and all. The tech said that I'm exactly 8 weeks, and the ... View Post about Due Date

  • We're fully booked for the summer and I'm getting so excited! 10 weeks of adventure and exploring new places. In the meantime, I'm feeling nostalgic with photos from last summer's trip.

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  • All the best kids' birthday parties have horses and unicorns.  Weeks later and they are still talking about this. 🐎🦄 #horses #unicorn #kidsbirthdayparty
  • Little rock climber, getting geared up for our summer trip ⛰

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  • It's definitely past bedtime, but she's just so darn cute.
  • #saturdaymorning vibe: I got serious about rediscovering yoga again about 7 or 8 weeks ago...serious enough that I now get up earlier on Saturday mornings than I do on weekdays, so I can go to a fabulous hot vinyasa class @bravevirayoga at 7:30. (I'm #notamorningperson so that's a big deal for me, LOL.) It's an energizing and cleansing start to my weekend and I'm feeling so much more whole again, and more at peace than I have been in a long time. 🙏🕉