Small Beginnings

Well, I had time to get a few pictures off of the camera today. There's one Chris took of my belly on the 1st - just starting to show!!! Chris' dad arrived today to visit us for the weekend (drove ... View Post about Small Beginnings

To Puck

On Tuesday night, our amazing and funny baby-dog was hit by a car and on Wednesday, he left us, missing him forever. Wonderful Auntie Maliko wrote a eulogy for him, as only she could, and because, ... View Post about To Puck

New Doctor

I had a great appointment this morning with Margi, a certified nurse midwife in Rhinebeck. She's very friendly and personable, and made me feel comfortable from the moment she walked in the room - ... View Post about New Doctor

Snow Day

It's been snowing here since late last night, and I got a snow day. Poor Chris still had to drive to school in the wee hours of this morning - there's no rest for the weary in his industry, even with ... View Post about Snow Day

Wedding Cameras

Remember the disposable cameras that were on each table at our wedding? Well, when we went home for Christmas, my mom gave the pictures to us, and we finally got to look at them only about a ... View Post about Wedding Cameras

Due Date

We have a date! Estimated due date = August 24th. I had my first ultrasound today and got to see the tiny peanut of a baby, heart beat and all. The tech said that I'm exactly 8 weeks, and the ... View Post about Due Date

  • Who needs a bassinet when you have a laundry basket? 💕
  • We moved to Texas two years ago after Addie was born and we were officially out numbered by kids. It was literally an impulse decision that we acted on within 2 weeks. There are so many reasons why I thought we would never live in Texas (heat and the absence of seasons topping that list) and I was adamantly against it for the first 10 years of our marriage, but being near family has melted all of those arguments away. 
Until we moved to Austin we had never lived near family. Now we're able to see Chris' mom and dad and a whole bunch aunts, uncles, and cousins on a regular basis. It's such a gift for the girls, and equally wonderful for me and Chris, especially with all the extra hands to help since Vivi was born. Not just with baby holding, but cooking, dish washing, and laundry too. Right now I'm feeling incredibly grateful and like Texas was meant to be.
  • This photo was my Facebook memory from 7 years ago: one of the last photos I took of our tiny island home before we moved back to landlocked America. 
For three years we lived on Nantucket, and my love for that island 30 miles out to sea hasn't diminished one bit in the days, weeks, and months since we left.  I never thought I would feel so much love for a place, but there's something about it that got into my bones...into my soul. It's like my little piece of heaven. Have you ever felt that way about a place?

Someday, Chris and I dream of living there again. Maybe we'll figure out how to make millions with our business and have a beach cottage? 🤞 Just one if our fantasy #lifegoals. .

#nantucket #lighthouse #brantpoint #beach
  • Vivi is 2 months old today. Still rocking her newborn clothes at 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches long, although her hands actually stick out of the sleeves now. 😁
  • My mom, Amy, has made all the girls baby quilts and today, Vivi's arrived in the mail! I can't get over the cute little turtles. ♥️ 🐢 
Swipe for some super adorable smiles caught on camera and the beginning of some rolly-polly back arches.