We got a crib!!!! My grandma Norma bought us and baby a beautiful crib and today Marc, our friend/neighbor/landlord picked it up from Babies'R'Us for us with his truck and brought it to our house. ... View Post about Crib

Baby Blankets

We received two wonderful gifts of handmade blankets for the baby recently. The first was knit by my Grandma White, a beautiful white baby afghan, before her carpal tunnel surgery, none the less! And ... View Post about Baby Blankets


Last week we went cherry picking and managed to find a few good ones. A lot of the cherries this year are pretty bland and watery, and many of them had split due to all of the rain we've been having. ... View Post about Cherries

Weigh In

Friday was my seventh month appointment. It kind of fun going and seeing how much I weigh now since we don't have a scale at home. 146 lbs! Four more than last month and my belly is 29 cm. The doctor ... View Post about Weigh In

Seventh Month

June 1st marked the beginning of our seventh month - with an expanding belly to prove it. I traveled to Dallas to visit my mom for a long Memorial Day weekend, where we had a mini baby-shower BBQ with ... View Post about Seventh Month

The Long Post

So Chris and I have been slackers this month, that's for sure. But here's a random post to (hopefully) make up for it. First up, baby news: I had my six month appointment Thursday morning. ... View Post about The Long Post

Ready For Spring

It's almost safe planting time in the northeast and Chris and I spent the weekend getting ready. I have pretty big plans this spring, since I feel like this is a house that we'll stay in for a few ... View Post about Ready For Spring

Big Week

It's been a big week for the Hinds family. Yup, we're a family Pip. Though he's no Puck, Chris and I were happy to adopt a little red dog this week from Puerto Rico, of all places. ... View Post about Big Week

  • I have to post one more time because I'm feeling so nostalgic on Zara's birthday. #sixyearsago Her birth was so incredible. Speedy (just three hours of labor!), but perfect and, of course, we could not have asked for a better little person to join our family. She has that second picture in her room - says it's her favorite - and I have the last one on my night stand. ❤️ and missing my tribe right now, but so greatful for that magical day.
  • Our bumblebee is 6! 
Oh how time flies.  It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming our second daughter into our family, and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.  At 6, Zara is still an incredible love bug, overflowing with empathy for others and a knack for filling a room with joy and silliness. She's finishing kindergarten this year, but is racing to keep up with her older sister. Before we met her, we called her Peach, and she is just that.
  • We clean up ok. 😊 #selfie at Chris' BFF since middle school's wedding.  Why don't we go to more parties with music and dancing?  It's super fun.
  • This time of year is my favorite.  Things actually slow down and get quiet in the business and it gives me a lot more room to breathe and reflect.  On Thursday, I had maybe one of the best days I have had all year.  I worked just a small bit, then played hooky with the girls.  We rode the bus down town, went to the library and had a picnic lunch at a playground.  It was so perfect...a day like I used to have before the business blew up. ❤️ In 2019, I want to figure out how to have more days like these, and be more present in the moment without worrying about all the work that's not getting done. #lifegoals #newyear #whpresolutions2019
  • Hiking is hard work. 😂  We went back to an old favorite trail today and hiked about 2.5 miles out to a campsite only accessible on foot.  The kids ran around, and ate snacks, while I fantasized about warmer weather and sleeping in the woods, then we hiked back. 🏕️ We never did squeeze in a camping trip a couple of weeks ago... family obligations stopped it from happening, then the weather turned and I'm not sure any of us are up for tenting in the cold.  Hiking we can do, though, and I'm hoping to make Sundays hiking days.  We'll see how it goes... we're notoriously bad at achieving anything other than the basics these days, what with the business, three kids at two different schools, and the craziness of life, not to mention darkness showing up around 5pm.  75% of the time if we manage a daily walk, it's around our neighborhood in pitch black.  I guess we can pretend it's all about looking at Christmas lights? 🤷 ⛰️ Have you managed to fit hiking with kids into your routine? If so I'd love to hear how you make it work and when it fits into your week.  Leave me a comment! . . . . . . . 
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