Three Weeks

Nora is three weeks old today! In honor of her three week "birthday," here are some pictures from the week. Daddy and Nora Nap Time    Super Cute Baby ... View Post about Three Weeks

Welcome Home

We've had Nora home for a week now and have been having a great time with her. She is very easy going (with the exception of the first time Chris and I tried to bathe her - it was too cold) and has ... View Post about Welcome Home


Meet Nora! Eleanor Margarete Hinds Born Sunday, September 6, 2009 at 3:47 pm 7lbs 4 oz 20 inches long details and birth story to follow... ... View Post about Nora

41 Weeks & 1 Day

Well, we had an interesting doctors appointment today. Chris picked me up from work at 1:00 and we headed, first, to Northern Dutchess for a sonogram and a peek at baby. Baby scored 8/8 on the ... View Post about 41 Weeks & 1 Day

The 10th Month

Still hanging in there and hanging out. I worked all week this week. It was slowing down a bit since the semester starts Monday, but still relatively busy (I had to finalize my goals for 2009-2010). ... View Post about The 10th Month

Due Date

Well, that's it, I'm officially in the 10th month and 40th week of being pregnant - thank goodness I feel so great, because this baby has some serious procrastination genes (from both sides). I'm ... View Post about Due Date


Chris and I had a very busy and productive last weekend (hopefully!) before the baby comes. I did laundry, swept and mopped; Chris organized the pantry and cleaned the bathtubs. And, of course, this ... View Post about Peaches

The News Is…

No news. Sorry. Boy, yesterday was the day for phone calls. I suppose everyone is getting a little bit anxious to hear about grandbaby, because we got a call from just about every one of our ... View Post about The News Is…

Belly Love

Last night, I posed for an amazing local photographer, Melissa Surprise, who is working on a project of expecting mommas doing yoga. It was tons of fun and her pictures are beautiful!!! Go visit her ... View Post about Belly Love

Perfect Day

I had today off from work, and it was wonderful! I went to the doctor this morning, ran a few errands, hung out by the pool in the sunshine with Margarete for 3+ hours, came home and relaxed, then ... View Post about Perfect Day

Baby Shower

Yesterday, my New York friends threw me a surprise baby shower, complete with all kinds of silly baby shower games. Trish, it would seem, is the game master - she had all kinds of fun planned for us, ... View Post about Baby Shower

The Countdown

We're really getting close now, with less than a month on the countdown. Both Chris and I are getting excited to meet baby -- and getting a lot more serious about getting all that gear. I finalized ... View Post about The Countdown

  • Home again, home again! I thought I'd take a break from latergramming to update on current happenings. 
We're not one of those amazing homeschool families who can balance travel, work, and schooling, so this week we hauled it back (in an epic 14 hour drive) to get home in time for the start of school. Plus this will be the perfect opportunity to get the damage assessed and fixed from the massive tire blowout we had in early July that resulted in a hole in our undercarriage and torn off flashing. 
We have a nice long driveway and added a 50 amp plug when we rennovated the house last year, so the trailer is just about fully functional when we're home with water and electric, just no sewer. Chris worked his behind off to get it cleaned out and now we're waiting on the insurance adjuster to come assess the damage and provide an estimate for repairs.
  • Here it is! #oregonstatecapitol. I always love when we get surprised with a non-domed Capitol building, and the ones from the 20's and 30's are some of my favorite with their fabulous #artdeco style.

More pictures in my stories.
  • We've been taking all these pictures of the girls while we're out and about, it seems only right to prove that baby #4 was there too. I guess at some point we'll have to decide if we want to take Addie and tiniest baby back to see all the capitol buildings they missed (or won't remember in Addie's case). ⠀
I've been feeling really good.  I think I might be 25 weeks pregnant (ah, poor 4th child) and I'll admit that, as we near the end of our trip, I'm starting to look forward to settling a bit and spending some time getting ready for baby to come.  I can feel the urge to nest coming on...
  • Oregon Coast Beach Play
  • We found the ocean! ❤️❤️❤️⠀
We had thought we might get to a beach in Washington state, but where we were staying was too far away and we didn't want to spend a whole day in the car. Oregon gets the honor, then, of being both Zara and Addie's first experience of the magic of the sea. Zara may have been born on an island, but we moved to Wyoming when she was 6 weeks old and have been land locked ever since. ⠀
Seeing the ocean made this trip complete. I knew I missed it, but I think I had forgotten just how much until I saw it again.  Chris and I spent a lot of time on this trip reminiscing about Nantucket and how one of our life goals is to live there, or somewhere like it, again when we're old. The ocean has my heart, for sure. 🌊⠀
P.S. Swipe for a peak at a 20 week baby belly for #4. 😊🤰