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Weaning Zara

This week, my "baby" officially started preschool. Since we're a Montessori family, Zara had the benefit of a long transition period as she moved from the toddler to the preschool class over ... View Post about Weaning Zara

Debt Free

It is officially summer in Colorado.  We have a mini garden started with some veggies and berries, we've taken our first trip to buy delicious things from the farmer's market, and this afternoon Chris ... View Post about Debt Free

Hello 30

One year ago, I posted of a list of 30 things I wanted to do before today: Pay off my school loans Go to Wanderlust Colorado  Get Boudoir Photos Taken  Go to a Movie Alone ... View Post about Hello 30

  • This trip has been super gray and rainy, but also full of some amazing sights and interesting experiences (some that have to stay top secret for now, but I promise I will share as soon as I’m able). We drove through this tiny town, #Meridian #Texas and saw one of the most amazing #gothic #courthouse buildings I have ever seen. The town only had a population of 1,493 people - who would have thought it would have this beautiful limestone building.  I cannot wait to see what other unexpectedly beautiful things we will encounter on our adventures.
  • It may be gray and cloudy but right now my heart is light. ❤️ We are on the road going on our first official @roadwarriorwp  adventure in our #branded #traveltrailer.  We’re headed to a state park with three very excited little people, looking forward to hiking, experiencing new things, and working from a different location. This is what we have been working toward over the past two years... I feel like I’m overflowing with #gratitude and excitement for our crazy life.
  • Just hangin' at the laundromat.
  • #latergram: on Saturday my bee turned 5! ❤️ we celebrated with a breakfast cinnamon roll at Tyler State Park before driving back to Chris’ dad’s ranch. It was the perfect ending to our first big RV adventure.
  • #sunset over #LittleRock - it seems appropriate that we’re spending #newyearseve on the road...symbolic of the great adventures we will be having in 2018.  I’m going to be blogging again - at least weekly - and started today! {{Link in my bio}} Happy New Year!!