• #saturdaymorning vibe: I got serious about rediscovering yoga again about 7 or 8 weeks ago...serious enough that I now get up earlier on Saturday mornings than I do on weekdays, so I can go to a fabulous hot vinyasa class @bravevirayoga at 7:30. (I'm #notamorningperson so that's a big deal for me, LOL.) It's an energizing and cleansing start to my weekend and I'm feeling so much more whole again, and more at peace than I have been in a long time. πŸ™πŸ•‰
  • Baby girl is not so little any more. You'd think by the third one I'd be used to how fast it goes, but I'm pretty sure she's going to be 50 years old and I'm still going to think it has all gone by too fast.
  • Three in a sleeping bag 😍😍😍 I got spontaneous last night and took the girls for a winter camping trip (without Chris because I was feeling brave). It's the first time we've gone tent camping since right after Addie was born and it made me so happy...even if it was 43 degrees when we woke up. Brrrr. πŸ•β„
  • I have to post one more time because I'm feeling so nostalgic on Zara's birthday. #sixyearsago Her birth was so incredible. Speedy (just three hours of labor!), but perfect and, of course, we could not have asked for a better little person to join our family. She has that second picture in her room - says it's her favorite - and I have the last one on my night stand. ❀️ and missing my tribe right now, but so greatful for that magical day.
  • Our bumblebee is 6! 
Oh how time flies.  It seems like only yesterday we were welcoming our second daughter into our family, and yet it feels like a lifetime ago.  At 6, Zara is still an incredible love bug, overflowing with empathy for others and a knack for filling a room with joy and silliness. She's finishing kindergarten this year, but is racing to keep up with her older sister. Before we met her, we called her Peach, and she is just that.