• Summer office makes me happy.

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  • 6 months and we've officially lost her neck. 😂

I swear, Vivienne has the best smile. She smiles at me once and my hormones go crazy. She's such a sweet little baby.
  • When you have a #homebirthbaby you get to decide what to do with the placenta. I'm totally grossed out by the encapsulation/consumption movement, so we double bagged Addie's and stuck it in our freezer in Colorado. It was still there when we moved to Texas 6 months later, so Chris put it in a cooler and brought it down here on ice. 
Around Addie's first birthday, we planted a tree on the farm and buried the placenta under the tree. This is Addie's oak tree. It's only a little bit taller than her right now but some day it could be 90 feet tall. I had such a hard time emotionally after she was born and suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety for almost a year and a half following her birth. I picked an oak tree as much for her as for me - something that would be hearty and strong, and grow up taller than everything around it. ♥️🌳
  • Our three year old ♥️ she requested a strawberry cake "with drips" (because she loves watching cake videos on Instagram and gets excited when they do frosting drips). It was a new challenge for me and I stayed up crazy late Friday night to make it, but I think that is one of the best cakes I have ever made. And it was 1000% worth the effort just to see how happy it made her. 
All day long she was waiting and waiting to eat the cake and kept asking us to open the fridge so she could look at it for "just a minute" - I have honestly never seen either of the other girls as excited about a birthday or cake as Addie was on Saturday. Her joy was so incredibly infectious, it made everything feel perfect. I hope I never forget the joy on her little face and the experience of watching her really understand her birthday for the first time.
  • This weekend was Addie's birthday and since we couldn't have a party, we decided to go on a spontaneous "camping" trip out at Chris' dad's ranch. That meant I woke up this morning snuggled in a tent between all four of my girls. I spent much of the day enjoying the sun and reading while nursing Vivienne. It was quiet and peaceful, for the most part everyone got along. And when we got home we accomplished some much needed chores. All in all, a perfect mother's day.

Swipe for pictures of me with my girlie cuddle bugs. ♥️ Hope you had a good mother's day too.