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  • This trip has been super gray and rainy, but also full of some amazing sights and interesting experiences (some that have to stay top secret for now, but I promise I will share as soon as I’m able). We drove through this tiny town, #Meridian #Texas and saw one of the most amazing #gothic #courthouse buildings I have ever seen. The town only had a population of 1,493 people - who would have thought it would have this beautiful limestone building.  I cannot wait to see what other unexpectedly beautiful things we will encounter on our adventures.
  • It may be gray and cloudy but right now my heart is light. ❤️ We are on the road going on our first official @roadwarriorwp  adventure in our #branded #traveltrailer.  We’re headed to a state park with three very excited little people, looking forward to hiking, experiencing new things, and working from a different location. This is what we have been working toward over the past two years... I feel like I’m overflowing with #gratitude and excitement for our crazy life.
  • Just hangin' at the laundromat.
  • #latergram: on Saturday my bee turned 5! ❤️ we celebrated with a breakfast cinnamon roll at Tyler State Park before driving back to Chris’ dad’s ranch. It was the perfect ending to our first big RV adventure.
  • #sunset over #LittleRock - it seems appropriate that we’re spending #newyearseve on the road...symbolic of the great adventures we will be having in 2018.  I’m going to be blogging again - at least weekly - and started today! {{Link in my bio}} Happy New Year!!