• Visiting Aunt Erica's ducks.  Nothing is sweeter than hearing Addie say "cack, cack, cack" to the ducklings. ❤️ . 
By the way, everyone is posting beautiful fall pictures with red and orange leaves, and I am so jealous.  It's been 11 months since Addie and I joined Chris and the big girls in Texas and I am definitely not cut for 90 degree Octobers.  Fingers crossed we're supposed to get a cold front next week and it will be in the low 60's/upper 50's
  • #latergram of the #Iowa #statecapitol building.  This was capitol building number 3 of 7 on our trip this summer.  I grew up in Iowa but had never been to the capitol building before.  The girls liked it because they actually saw some people at work when we went on a Wednesday morning.  Also, swipe all the way to the end to see the fascinating (creepy?) dolls of every First Lady of Iowa (and one first gentleman) wearing replicas of their finery.
  • Going hiking and talking about tent camping again has got me reminiscing about the summers we practically lived in the woods when we were in Colorado.  We hiked weekly and set out with our tent just about every other weekend to explore new trails. 
There's something about hiking and roughing it that is in my blood.  I love exploring and adventuring, and I don't even mind feeling like my whole body hurts after walking up the side of a mountain with 40 pounds on my back.  It makes me feel alive, and I love discovering new things just around the bend.

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  • We went hiking twice this weekend. First the little girls and I discovered a new trail Friday night, then we took Chris and Nora back Sunday so they could experience the beauty themselves.  Z was so excited to get into the woods and make new discoveries...it reminded me that it has been way too long since we really disconnected and spent time in nature as a family.

Chris and I were reminiscing recently about the summers when we used to go tent camping. Traveling in our trailer is fun and our range is much, much further, but we never truly disconnect.  This weekend we're dropping the trailer off to have some work done and we're going to take advantage of it's absence to clean out the garage and unpack more boxes, hopefully unearthing our camping gear.  If we can find it, we may have a backpacking trip in our near future...
  • Discovering a new trail for a sunset hike... ♥️