• Three more days of school next week and we'll have a 5th grader! I barely know how that is possible.
  • Yesterday I drove down to Bastrop, Texas to give a talk on the social media marketing landscape in 2019 for the @bastropchamberofcommerce. I always love giving talks, but this one was especially fun because I went live for a minute or two right in the middle of the talk on our Instagram account for @roadwarriorwp. I wanted to show people how easy it is and that it doesn't have to be scripted or perfectly planned - I had only decided to do it in the morning on the drive down there.

I've been thinking about this personal account of mine lately, and how I don't put much effort into it. Historically, I don't even log into Instagram or post on a daily basis...there were many weeks and months in the past year when I didn't post at all. Some of this is because I spend so much time thinking about social media for our clients that I get burnt out on it. And there's also this pressure or feeling that I have to “do it right” because I am an expert who advises others on how to manage their own presence. Like I'm afraid that if I don't do it “right,” with the perfect feed and visuals, people will no longer listen to my advice… Which my brain knows is silly, but I still worry about anyway.  How is it that nearly 10 years into this business I can still struggle with #impostersyndrome? 
I decided this week that I am going to be more purposeful with my personal Instagram, at least through the end of the summer, and I'm going to have FUN doing it. I'm not going to worry so much about perfection; I'm going to experiment and play around in ways that I'm not always free to do on client profiles. And I'm going to do it all with the intention of fighting the imposter syndrome that previously held me back.

We'll see in August how setting the intention (and a SMART goal, LOL) helps. At the very least, I'll hopefully do a better job of documenting our summer travels than I did last year. 😉

Do you ever experience imposter syndrome in your life or career? What have you found that helps?
  • Outtake from our mothers day photos with the girls that I just L-O-V-E. Trying to bribe Addie into participating with bubbles. 😀 These three make me smile so much.  Now the biggest question...will baby #4 be our fourth girl or will a little boy come along to shake up the status quo?
  • Y'all, laundry is my nemesis. As I'm up late folding at 11:15 PM, I keep wondering, how it is that in a house it seems like laundry goes on and on in never-ending piles, but when we lived in our travel trailer we could get away with going to the laundromat every two weeks?⠀
Granted, there's more to clean in a house and we're all probably showering more often considering we can do more than take a 5 minute shower, so I get that we're probably using more towels. But it doesn't really explain the constant complaints of someone being out of shorts or socks or something. What's that all about?⠀
Once things got really busy with the business, it became a lot harder to keep things picked up around here.  Chris is fabulous - he does more than I do, probably, taking charge of anything food related from planning to shopping to cooking to dish washing, and plenty of other chores - but I'll be the first to admit that if it were in the budget, I would totally hire a housekeeper to help us keep things picked up and running smoothly around here.  My not so secret fantasy. 😁⠀
Last summer we manged to get away with only doing laundry at family or friends houses because they were all perfectly spaced along our route. This time we're seeing some clients, but no family or friends after Colorado so we'll be planning laundromats back into our travel schedule.  Is it weird that I'm looking forward to it - at least then, we all go and get it done in just a couple of hours (since we can use multiple washers and dryers at a time), then we bring it home and put it away immediately - because there's no leaving laundry baskets of folded clothes out when you have 5 people living in a 300 sq.ft. space.⠀
Maybe instead of a housekeeper I just need to more washers and dryers. Let's not even talk about fall when the baby is born and we're going to add diapers back into the mix...
  • Rainy, humid Saturday=library morning.

I used to take Nora to the library every week. It was easy on Nantucket when we could walk and I was a stay-at-home mom. In Wyoming and Colorado, we frequented the library, but it was more like once every couple of weeks. Since moving to Texas we've barely gone - only a handful of times. 
We still do a lot of reading, though not as much as I might like, and these days Nora is more likely to be found reading on her Nook than in a physical book. With Zara and Addie, we're mostly working through our own extensive collection. I keep telling myself that I want to figure out how to build regular library trips into our hectic lifestyle, but that's one thing I haven't figured out the balancing act if business and family.  On the plus side, when we do make it to the library it's a real treat. They happily sit and read giant stacks of books for hours.