• This photo was my Facebook memory from 7 years ago: one of the last photos I took of our tiny island home before we moved back to landlocked America. 
For three years we lived on Nantucket, and my love for that island 30 miles out to sea hasn't diminished one bit in the days, weeks, and months since we left.  I never thought I would feel so much love for a place, but there's something about it that got into my bones...into my soul. It's like my little piece of heaven. Have you ever felt that way about a place?

Someday, Chris and I dream of living there again. Maybe we'll figure out how to make millions with our business and have a beach cottage? 🤞 Just one if our fantasy #lifegoals. .

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  • Vivi is 2 months old today. Still rocking her newborn clothes at 8lbs 8oz and 21 inches long, although her hands actually stick out of the sleeves now. 😁
  • My mom, Amy, has made all the girls baby quilts and today, Vivi's arrived in the mail! I can't get over the cute little turtles. ♥️ 🐢 
Swipe for some super adorable smiles caught on camera and the beginning of some rolly-polly back arches.
  • The best thing about tiny babies is that you can take them to work with you! 
Chris and I run a meetup in Austin  for @roadwarriorwp on the first Tuesdayof the month called Austin Food Marketing. Partly it's for marketing purposes and connecting with food brands as potential clients, but mostly it's just because I love networking. I know it sounds crazy to so many people, but walking into a room full of strangers and spending all night talking to them about their businesses is 100% my idea of fun. I meet so many interesting people and learn lots of cool things. It's even better when I have a little one along for the ride...she's the perfect wingman, making it easy to talk to anyone. 😂 #mymeetupmoment
  • This is seven. Opinionated, creative, colorful, loving, and energetic, determined, seven.

In the last year, Zara has lost all reminents of her baby face and has grown into the most wonderful and BIG girl. (I can't get over how big.) In a lot of ways, I think Zara is the most like me personality-wise, which gives her a special place in my heart. ♥️ Happy birthday sweet girl.