• We're in the bay area of California, after some time in Redwood National & State Parks with essentially no internet. I'm going to see how far campground wifi will take me and play catch up on IG this week since I've fallen woefully behind.  Let's start things off with a video of me (yes, I said me) driving through a forested valley west of Spokane and north of Reardan, Washington. ⠀
Don't be too impressed - I actually drive with the trailer very rarely.  Chris does 99% of our driving and I typically (wo)man the passenger seat armed with my laptop, various cameras for documenting the road trip, and a giant bag of snacks for the kids. As much as cell signal allows, we try to make drive days work days for me and while I *can* drive the trailer, I am most definitely not as adept at backing up or squeezing through tiny, crowded gas stations as is Chris. I pretty much only drive if we're droning (because the drone is his toy) or in the rare instance that Chris is really, really tired.⠀
Also, fun fact, when droning a moving vehicle, the driver has to go like 15mph, so we have to be really particular about where we can do it safely without risking making other drivers mad or potentially causing an accident. We filmed this at 5:45 in the morning just to ensure an empty road. ⠀
I'd love to do more droning on drive days, but with the road limitations, kids who can only sit so long, and already pretty long drive days, it's definitely a challenge.  You usually have to scout a road ahead of time and plan.  It is worth the extra work when we get a cool video, though. 😁
  • I was honored to be interviewed by the wonderful Troy Dean of  @wpelevation for their podcast and the episode went live today. It's all about our journey over the last four years to build a location independent business that would let Chris quit his day job and allow us to pursue the #rvlifestyle,  traveling and spending more time with our kids. 
Link is in my bio - give it a listen, then come back here and feel free to ask any questions you might have about #fulltimerv living, working on the road, entrepreneurship, or whatever!
  • The drive into Washington state from western Idaho… 
Because we're working on the road (we're not on a perpetual vacation, despite how it might look), we have really specific routines about how and when we drive. I thought some of you might find this interesting, so read on for how we handle drive days.

First, we try to only drive once a week, if possible, contained to a Saturday or Sunday.  This allows us to have several "regular" days in a place where we just do normal routine things - working most of the day while the girls entertain one another, then having family time with the kids around lunch and from dinner to bedtime. If we spend 5 or 6 nights in a place there's less pressure to go out and do things or see sights every day, which ensures we can get work done and still have fun too, and not spend too much money.

If we do drive more than once per week, we don't drive two days in a row simply for sanity's sake (outside of the first and last weekend of the trip). With the trailer and stopping so the kids can go to the bathroom, it takes us 1.5x the time Google thinks it'll be to get anywhere. Driving two 6 or 8+ hour days with a 2 year old is not my idea of a good time, so we just don't do it.  Last year we decided that secondary drive days, when they are necessary, should be Wednesdays and sticking to that has really helped us both from a work standpoint and also developing a routine with the kids. Limiting drives to a Saturday or Sunday and rare Wednesdays does mean that we don't get to see as much in a summer, but it works pretty well on all other fronts.

Are you a digital nomad? How frequently do you move around? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know how it works for other families.
  • This is the face Pocket gives us when she thinks it's time to stop working and go for a walk...
  • The Idaho Capitol Building in Boise was our 10th state capital. Addie was in run all around mode and a great mood because of the hour long nap she took in the car on our way into to Boise from where the trailer was parked, so we ended up with a very energetic  photo of a toddler who just wanted to run around. 😁

Swipe for a peek inside the building + check out my stories for more.