• Tree decorating! Vivi and I are supervising from the couch.
  • Feeling a little nostalgic today about our drive along the Pacific Coast Highway last summer. This afternoon we sold our trailer and watched it drive away from us ready to build memories for a new family. I'm super excited for our next chapter, but also a little sad to say goodbye to the trailer that was out fulltime home for almost a year + brought us on so many adventures...16 state capitals, countless state and national parks, and even a TV episode! 
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  • It may be December, but we're finally getting some fall-ish weather in Texas, which means taking the opportunity to nap outside and soak up some vitamin D. Happy 3 weeks, Vivienne.
  • We had Vivienne's two week visit at the midwife's office today and put her footprints up on the wall. I love that they do this...all around their lobby, hallways and exam rooms are footprints, stats, and names of all the babies they've delivered.  It's so fun to see all the babies footprints and know we're part of this little tribe now. 
This was our third home birth and since all our babies have been born in different states, our third midwifery practice that we've worked with. Every time I am always so happy with the quality of care that they provide and how they truly make me feel like they know me and care deeply about me and my family. It's such a different experience from my prenatal and birth care experience with our eldest daughter (with midwives at an OB practice and hospital delivery). If you are having a healthy normal pregnancy, I can't advocate more for considering home birth. ♥️
  • It's #smallbusinesssaturday and while I know no one is buying websites or marketing services today, I thought it seemed fitting to share a little "before and after" in celebration of how far we've come since Chris and I started @roadwarriorwp. This first picture is from 2015 when we were gearing up to rebrand my freelance business as Road Warrior Creative and we were in the midst of saving like mad and building the business to a point where Chris could quit his day job. At that point we were only dreaming of freedom to travel. The second is a drone photo of our trailer - a visual reminder that we have achieved our dreams of being able to work from anywhere and travel + working without sacrificing spending lots of time with our daughters.

Earlier this fall, I was interviewed on the @rventrepreneur podcast about my journey growing my business from a freelancer to an agency with 6 team members in addition to me and Chris. I'm so proud of how far we've come and all we've been able to achieve in 4 short years. The link to the podcast is in my bio if you want to give it a listen. 
If you're on the entrepreneurial journey yourself and have any questions for me, leave them in a comment. I'm all about helping other entrepreneurs and small business owners take the leap to achieve the business and life goals they are dreaming of. And would be happy to answer any questions that you might have.