• 3 months: 9lbs 1oz, 22.5in long. 
We're celebrating every ounce but still not totally sure what the solution is besides lots and lots of pumping and supplementing. I took Vivi to an ENT today. She has a mild posterior tongue tie, but we didn't get a magic solution to our nursing woes; he said there's nothing to clip, all the tissue was too thick. So back to supplementing and OT to try to loosen things up. 
All the pumping and worry about weight is pretty frustrating and I honestly get why lots of moms in this situation give up. I spent 6 years as a La Leche League leader and got my lactation consultant certification, and I feel like this has stretched my training and knowledge to the brink. 
I've spent hours pouring through my textbooks and reading all I can to come up with a solution without much luck...and I'm working, and parenting 3 other kids, on top of all the normal postpartum hormones and lack of sleep. I can't imagine how this would all be going down if this was my first baby or if I hadn't successfully breastfed 3 other babies for 2+ years each. There isn't a La Leche League meeting as far north of Austin as we are, and I'm really missing that tribe right now: all the amazing women who shared at meetings and, especially, my amazing fellow leaders. 
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  • First hike of the season. Just a short 2 mile walk to dip our toes in the lake, but the perfect distance for an intro hike with baby. These two were so excited to get their packs out and hit the trail - we could barely keep up with them.

P.S. The unprompted handholding... I hope it never stops. 😍
  • It's not an Instagram-perfect picture and I'm realizing that everyone needs bang trims, but I *finally* got a picture of all 4 girls together...it only took 3 months... Considering that Vivienne was born right before the holidays and the all the craziness that was happening in our business post New Year's, I'd say I did pretty good getting them all in a single frame around the 3 month mark, right? And as for haircuts...we can just pretend we're growing it out. 😉
  • Itty bitty, littlest girl is 3 months old today. The last month has been hard, I'm not going to lie. I started back to work after New Year's just in time to help the team wrap up one of the biggest projects we worked on in 2019. I'm working from home and Vivi is with me while I work, nursing on demand, but after 2 weeks clocking 60+ hours and her still not being a super great nurser, my supply tanked. We had her into the doctor on the 6th and she was 8lbs 12oz - just 4 ounces bigger than she was 3 weeks prior. She's in the 0.2 percentile for weight and obviously not putting on the ounce/day that babies are supposed to gain at this age, so I'm back to pumping all the time. We were at the lactation consultant on Wednesday and she was up 3 ounces, so the bottles are helping but we're still trying to figure out what we can do to get this little girl to grow.

Aside from being teeny tiny, Vivi is doing great, though. She's alert and happy and checking all the milestone boxes. She's discovered her fingers and loves to chew on them...which makes it especially hard to get a picture of her sweet little smile. She loves getting in floor time, especially in the evening when she can watch her sisters jump and dance around her. .

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  • Gigi and Tito (aka Grandma and Grandpa) got these girls a swing set for Christmas and they could not be happier.  Also, it's 70 degrees out which is pretty amazing for a quiet Sunday at home.