• The #cornpalace in Mitchell, SD was easily one of the weirdest but also most impressive things we saw last summer. The entire building was decorated in art made from various parts of corn plants, and they redo it every year.  I wish I had a better (more zoomed out) picture, but alas I wasn't thinking Instagram when I photographed it (😳 sacrilege 😂). I love how cool and unique things are across our country.  Some of the best parts from our trips are the unexpected things we encounter along the way, like this.

P.S., it did occur to me that I might have been drawn to this building because I grew up in Iowa.  LOL...corn forever. 🌽🌽🌽
  • Last summer we went on a #lewisandclark journey, following the Missouri River up to
North Dakota and over through Montana.  It was full of grassland beauty, largely flat and treeless until the end until we looped into #grandtetonnationalpark and Yellowstone and visited Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This summer we're excited to get to see more mountains and some really serious trees in the Pacific Northwest. These views battle with ocean views for my favorite.  If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
  • We're fully booked for the summer and I'm getting so excited! 10 weeks of adventure and exploring new places. In the meantime, I'm feeling nostalgic with photos from last summer's trip.

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  • All the best kids' birthday parties have horses and unicorns.  Weeks later and they are still talking about this. 🐎🦄 #horses #unicorn #kidsbirthdayparty
  • Little rock climber, getting geared up for our summer trip ⛰

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