• Relatively frequently people ask me how I do it - run a business, travel, and parent three kids. While there are occasionally (seriously, occasionally) moments when I do feel like super mom who is making it all work together beautifully, there are also lots of moments when I feel like I'm barely holding things together or when things are falling through the cracks.⠀
As of last night, I am now 2 for 2 on failing to come through as the tooth fairy for someone's first lost tooth. This sweet girl, who used to cuddle on my lap while I worked just 10 or 15 hours per week, is now 6.5 and has been anxiously awaiting losing her first for more than a year. She watched as her sister and friends lost teeth and kept wondering when it would be her turn. Finally, finally, she lost a tooth last night...and then she actually *lost* the tooth. We stopped tears with promises that it was OK and the tooth fairy would still come, all she had to do was write a note explaining what happened. She wrote the note, put it under her pillow and went to bed expectantly.⠀
After tucking them in, I sat down to update slides for a workshop I taught this afternoon (nothing like the last minute). I worked until 1:30, went to bed and completely forgot about the tooth fairy. Chris did too. It was one of those #parentingfails that really eats at you, and the sort of thing that I'll admit happens way more than I wish it would, given all the balls we're trying to keep in the air. ⠀
I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, expect to say work-life balance is really hard, disappointing your kids sucks, and just in case you were wondering there is nothing magical and no superpowers happening around here. Fingers crossed, tomorrow is a better day.
  • Home again, home again! I thought I'd take a break from latergramming to update on current happenings. 
We're not one of those amazing homeschool families who can balance travel, work, and schooling, so this week we hauled it back (in an epic 14 hour drive) to get home in time for the start of school. Plus this will be the perfect opportunity to get the damage assessed and fixed from the massive tire blowout we had in early July that resulted in a hole in our undercarriage and torn off flashing. 
We have a nice long driveway and added a 50 amp plug when we rennovated the house last year, so the trailer is just about fully functional when we're home with water and electric, just no sewer. Chris worked his behind off to get it cleaned out and now we're waiting on the insurance adjuster to come assess the damage and provide an estimate for repairs.
  • Here it is! #oregonstatecapitol. I always love when we get surprised with a non-domed Capitol building, and the ones from the 20's and 30's are some of my favorite with their fabulous #artdeco style.

More pictures in my stories.
  • We've been taking all these pictures of the girls while we're out and about, it seems only right to prove that baby #4 was there too. I guess at some point we'll have to decide if we want to take Addie and tiniest baby back to see all the capitol buildings they missed (or won't remember in Addie's case). ⠀
I've been feeling really good.  I think I might be 25 weeks pregnant (ah, poor 4th child) and I'll admit that, as we near the end of our trip, I'm starting to look forward to settling a bit and spending some time getting ready for baby to come.  I can feel the urge to nest coming on...
  • Oregon Coast Beach Play