• Here she is! Our 4th sweet girl, born at home at 8:50 this morning. Meet Vivienne Louise, weighing in at 7lbs 2oz and measuring 18in long. 💕
  • Don't get too excited, it's a #throwback photo of Addie. 😉 Today is Addie's half birthday - she's officially 2.5. 🥳

In our house, we celebrate half birthdays with a cupcake and books, but today was definitely less focused on our family traditions than it would have normally been. We spent the day cleaning and organizing the garage and inside of the house since we're on possible baby alert and trying to get lots of last minute prep done. The big girls went to sleepover at grandma's house and I failed to order Addie's birth story book in time from Shutterfly so it hasn't arrived yet. In all the craziness, we didn't bake a bunch of cupcakes, but Addie and I did mix up a single serve microwave cake using a mug brownie recipe and we grabbed some purple frosting out of the freezer to top it. I felt a little bad, but she was so excited the entire time and kept saying, "It's my half birthday, Dada!" So I think it turned out to be a success. ♥️ This first picture is one I took of her when she was just a couple of days old. I was digging back through photos to make her birth story book and decided that this one was worth editing. It's amazing how something can feel both like it just happened and also like it was a lifetime ago. At 2.5, Addie is an amazing little person with a personality all her own, but she still feels so young to me. This is the closest together we have ever had babies and I'll admit I'm a little nervous about it. She loves babies and seems to understand when we tell her the baby in my tummy is going to come out soon, but she's also been struggling with some separation anxiety lately so I really hate to rock her world.
  • Better late than never...here's our three girlies in their #halloween costumes. Nora and Zara meticulously planned out what they wanted to wear. Addie just grabbed a random dressup dress out of the bin. She did sort of get trick or treating this year, which was fun. 🎃👻
  • It's been a whirlwind of a last few weeks as we've been settling back into the home routine, getting ready for baby, and tackling some big projects at work. With so much going on, I couldn't muster the energy to photograph or document or spend time on Instagram, but tonight I'm coming down from a wonderful #diwali celebration with a house full of amazing people and delicious food, rangoli, and lots and lots of #diyas. There's so much joy bursting from my heart right now; I feel like it has to be documented in some small way.

We haven't had a big Diwali party for the past two years. Last year we were just getting settled in our new house after living tiny in our trailer for almost a year, and the year before the 5 of us were living in two different states far apart - Chris, Nora, and Zara in Texas while Addie and I were still in Colorado - one of the hardest things we have ever done as a family. Chris and I have celebrated Diwali with friends since 2003. Missing it just felt wrong, and returning to the tradition really does feel like a new beginning. 
We're settled. We have a place here and people to enjoy life with. We had an amazing summer on the road getting to experience what we dreamed of all those years ago. In three or four weeks, we'll be a family of 6. After some stressful moments earlier in the year, things with our business are really looking up. There is a lot I'm thankful for right now, and resuming our traditions feels like we really are stepping out of darkness into the light. 
This holiday has always been special to me, but this year it has even deeper meaning. For all my friends out there who celebrate Diwali, I hope you have just as wonderful of a holiday. ♥️🎆🕉
  • Today is a travel day for me of a very different sort - via air instead of RV! We're working on a large project for a client based in Amarillo, Texas and I'm headed up to spend the day onsite with them tomorrow. While we work with clients that are all across the country and even abroad, we don't typically get face time with them outside of video calls. Or if we do, it's fit into our summer roadtrips. In this instance the project was big and complex enough to warrant some in-person discovery  and strategy sessions, so off I went this morning on my first #businesstrip in years. It feels a little bit like an adventure and a little bit scary to be flying away from Chris and the girls. Luckily it's just one night and then I will be back to our normal home routine...and tonight I'll admit I might be looking forward to sleeping all night with no 2-year-old interruptions. 😁