• Hiking is hard work. 😂  We went back to an old favorite trail today and hiked about 2.5 miles out to a campsite only accessible on foot.  The kids ran around, and ate snacks, while I fantasized about warmer weather and sleeping in the woods, then we hiked back. 🏕️ We never did squeeze in a camping trip a couple of weeks ago... family obligations stopped it from happening, then the weather turned and I'm not sure any of us are up for tenting in the cold.  Hiking we can do, though, and I'm hoping to make Sundays hiking days.  We'll see how it goes... we're notoriously bad at achieving anything other than the basics these days, what with the business, three kids at two different schools, and the craziness of life, not to mention darkness showing up around 5pm.  75% of the time if we manage a daily walk, it's around our neighborhood in pitch black.  I guess we can pretend it's all about looking at Christmas lights? 🤷 ⛰️ Have you managed to fit hiking with kids into your routine? If so I'd love to hear how you make it work and when it fits into your week.  Leave me a comment! . . . . . . . 
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  • #sisters. 💓💓💓 I don't have much else to say besides that I love my tiny humans and think they're pretty darn amazing. 😊
  • Throwback: this photo was one of the first photos Chris and I took for our business venture together.  At the end of this month, @roadwarriorwp will officially be 3 years old! 🎉

When this picture was taken Chris still worked full time in a day job, then worked with me at night.  We only dreamed of travel.  We had no idea whether this business would actually be able to support our whole family.  It took a lot if faith and hope (and maybe more than a little craziness) to imagine starting and running a business together.

Somehow, it's all worked out.  As crazy as #entrepreneurship is at times, it has brought amazing things for our family and today I'm feeling a lot of gratitude.
  • This fall, we got a little more serious about the concept of regular chores rather than just general helping out, and the biggest task we implemented for Nora and Zara was doing *all* the dishes, Sunday night - Wednesday.  Dishwasher + hand wash + putting away.  There are occasional evenings with mild complaints, but mostly the just get to business after dinner and get it done.  And they do a good job too. 🍽️ I feel so lucky to have these girls.  They are incredibly kind and helpful and generous.  It's amazing getting to watch them grow and learn in the world.  Someday, probably too soon, they will be standing at that sink, just as tall as me, no step ladder required.
  • Not being in a trailer means we get to have a Christmas tree again.  I'll admit I'm a bit of a scrooge about holiday decorations - with all the other things, they often just feel like a lot of work.  If not for the kids, we totally would skip putting up a Christmas tree... we've definitely had years without them for one reason or another, and I didn't especially miss all the decorations, though I do appreciate their beauty once up. 🎄

This weekend, the tree very nearly didn't happen.  Addie had a fever Friday and Saturday and was a big grump.  Chris and I had work to do, we promised the older girls they could go to the Christmas parade on Saturday in downtown Georgetown, and to top it all off, I realized this morning that Zara, Addie, and I all had heads full of lice. 😣  Blech. 🎄

So we spent the morning shampooing and picking tiny bugs out of hair, then deep cleaning the whole house from to bottom, with extra laundry...sheets, comforters, and pillows ×5.  By the time 6pm rolled around, I SO wanted to reneg on telling them we would do the tree today.  But, I rallied, and I'm glad I did. 🎄

There are way too many moments when we get so busy #adulting that we forget to slow down and experience the joy of the moment.  As a business owner I feel like this is even worse - we're constantly working to achieve the next goal.  It's good to remember to slow down and enjoy the season for what it is.  Kids help us see the magic; this is perhaps the greatest gifts of motherhood. ...Along with all kinds of fun germs and bugs, LOL