• All the best kids' birthday parties have horses and unicorns.  Weeks later and they are still talking about this. 🐎🦄 #horses #unicorn #kidsbirthdayparty
  • Little rock climber, getting geared up for our summer trip ⛰

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  • It's definitely past bedtime, but she's just so darn cute.
  • #saturdaymorning vibe: I got serious about rediscovering yoga again about 7 or 8 weeks ago...serious enough that I now get up earlier on Saturday mornings than I do on weekdays, so I can go to a fabulous hot vinyasa class @bravevirayoga at 7:30. (I'm #notamorningperson so that's a big deal for me, LOL.) It's an energizing and cleansing start to my weekend and I'm feeling so much more whole again, and more at peace than I have been in a long time. 🙏🕉
  • Baby girl is not so little any more. You'd think by the third one I'd be used to how fast it goes, but I'm pretty sure she's going to be 50 years old and I'm still going to think it has all gone by too fast.