• On top of all the things - trying to rescue the business from the economic slowdown, all four girls at home, and supervising education - of course the dog would get fleas that resisted all my attempts at cleaning. So today we played hookie from work and school and escaped to Chris' dad's ranch while the pest guy covered our house with all sorts of nasty chemicals. I'm all about natural cleaning products (we still make a lot of our own), but I totally draw the line at bugs. Lots of tiny bugs in my house = give me all the chemicals. 😁

So we've been having fun with Pop Pop, reminiscing about when we lived out here in our trailer, and enjoying a beautiful Texas spring day. I even managed to get two of the four to pose for a requisite bluebonnet picture. These days it seems like tiny joys are even more important.
  • I told Chris that for my 35th birthday I wanted to take our camera and tripod over to a field and take a family picture. I can't believe how much time has passed since Vivienne was born and how few pictures we've taken. But maybe that's just life with four kids, a business, and a quarantine. I think maybe this picture made up for it - all of us in one frame, semi coordinated. 🙂 .

P.S. my amazing friend Chantry of @chantryleephotography edited the photo for me. I highly recommend asking your favorite photographers if they will edit photos for you. It's a #socialdistancing approved way of supporting them.
  • Today's stay at home entertainment...turn on the sprinkler and watch the dachshund try to catch sprinkler water. 😂 🐶
  • Semi late 4 month check up, but we're celebrating because someone is on the growth charts!!! 🎉🎉 I have never worked harder to feed a little person than I have done with Vivienne and it is so releaving to see that jump on the charts.
  • Nap buddies. 💕  I am so glad that Addie has Vivi. It's amazing how it worked out with our four girls. Two bigs and two littles. I used to be worried about Addie being left out by the big girls, but now that we have our littlest girl it feels very balanced. Clearly it was meant to be.