• Just coming by to say that I actually did it.  I DID IT! I actually got everything to a place where I am feeling ready and {mostly} not anxious to be away from work for a week. 
For most people, this is no big deal...taking vacations, leaving work with barely a glance backwards, but I'm assuming there might be a few other business owners out there who can feel my pain.  Three years of not feeling capable of taking time off is a long time, especially considering I had a baby in that timeframe. But it's really hard when you are central to the running of things. So, today is feeling down right momentous. 
It took two really long weeks of work, and a full day today, fueled by lots of sugar and chai, but I am officially caught up and signed out of all things @roadwarriorwp.  I put up an out of office message for the first time ever. I actually told a client no yesterday when they asked that I email them campaign ideas over the next week.  This is a big step for me and the business, and you'll have to excuse me a bit for reveling in it. 😊

Tonight I am helping my amazing husband pack up the trailer and tomorrow we go on a fun little road trip.  A day later than we intended, but it's really going to happen and get my full attention (without work distractions), so I consider  that a win.  More from the road. . . . . . .

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  • Sneaky #selfie with my mini-me.  She's still very much a Mama's girl wanting to follow me everywhere I go, and I'm trying to cherish it...even moments when I would rather be in the bathroom alone. 😂 
This is the second year that we didn't do #30daysofthanks because of life craziness, and I really miss making intentional gratitude a major part of our family's November.  After today, things are slowing down.  I am going to take the first vacation since I started my business. 💥  A full 7 days with zero work. 💥 I'm having faith that nothing will explode, feeling incredibly grateful for our employees who will keep things running, and looking forward to doing more of our normal fall family things. ❤️❤️
  • It’s #ThrowbackThursday and I’m reminiscing about our week last summer in #PierreSD.  Of all the state capitals that we visited, Pierre might have been my favorite.  It was small and quaint, but beautiful, nestled alongside the #MissouriRiver. The time we spent there was slow and quiet - not rushed, which was especially needed after the preceding two weeks in Iowa and Kansas filled with family visits.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved seeing family on our trip this past summer, but it’s hard to squeeze it all in, especially when you’re used to living far away from everyone.  Next summer we’re only going to places with clients and no family, and we’re reducing drive days to mostly once a week so we can savor the experience a little more as we travel at our own pace.

On Saturday, we’re going to set out on a little excursion up to Dallas for a couple of days and I can’t wait!  I miss being in our tiny house on wheels full time and my wanderlust is kicking in real bad.  Hopefully there will lots of fun to share from the road.  Stay tuned!

  • Your weekly Pocket fix. 😁
  • Tiny baby girl is 18 months old.  Before we know it, we'll be describing her age in years instead of months... ..... A stomach bug swept through our house yesterday and today, but luckily Addie wasn't hit as hard as her sisters. At 18months, she's nearly always in a good mood.  She loves animals, reading, and coloring, and is just starting to figure out how to play pretend with her baby doll.  She can say more words that I can count and is starting to string together short sentences.  Her favorite foods are eggs, ice cream, and pears, which she calls apples.