Saying Hello

It's been 416 days since I took down my website, to take, what I thought would be, a 6 month hiatus from blogging.  It was both an easy and hard decision, but most certainly the right one for where my ... View Post about Saying Hello

  • #laundryday - we dance between the laundromat and line drying loads of diapers, little girls' clothes, and sheets on the farm. Chris' dad (whose land we're currently parked on) has a washing machine, but no dryer, which means we have to be very purposeful about what and when we do laundry "at home." Eventually the weather or lack of free time collides with the amount of laundry a family of 5 generates and we head off to the laundromat, but other days we're ahead of the game and manage to squeeze in a load destined to dry in the Texas sun.

This #rvliving chapter has pros and cons, but one pro (or con maybe!) Is that it really makes you mindful of all the small things you do on a daily basis to keep your life together.
  • #behindthescenes: #wednesday is #foodphotography day at our office.  It's fun + super tasty
  • Indian paintbrushes are popping up in the front field and all along the driveway.
  • Addie's first popsicle... Hibiscus, definitely a new favorite flavor. ❤️ Summer starts early in Texas ☀️ 🇨🇱
  • Our half birthday tradition: cupcakes and two books - one to read together and one to read on her own. How is this sweet girl 8.5 years old already? 
Swipe to see the books we gave her + a throwback to Nora at 8 months.