Saying Hello

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  • I was going through old photos last night to see what I had from the time period when I was renovating the house in Colorado to sell for a blog post about the logistics of our move {link in bio}. Spoiler alert: there weren't many because life was so hectic.  BUT, I found these photos of Chris and Addie from last November - right after I got down to Texas.⠀
Be still my heart. ❤❤ Chris is such an amazing father.  From reading and singing to them practically from the moment they're born, to running around and "playing crazies" as they get older and more rambunctious, he's incredibly engaged and tuned into his girls.⠀
I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again...I can't imagine life or parenting without this man.  14 years together, 11 years of marriage, 6 cross-country moves, and three beautiful little girls, and I love him more every minute of every day.
  • Our backyard for the last few days at #thunderbirdlake near #normanok. We've been enjoying nightly swims in the lake and nice sandy beach... there's no better way to end a work day. Tomorrow we say goodbye and move on to Kansas in our pilgrimage north. ..
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  • Yesterday, our bee turned 5 ½. I'm without a cupcake pan in our trailer, so she  had cheesecake to accompany the "happy half-birthday" song, which no one complained about. :-) We spent the day mostly working, then went to a big cat sanctuary that has 78 lions, tigers, bobcats, and lynx. There was a baby tiger that Zara (and everyone) was enamored with. In the evening, we went for a walk around the lake and then watched an episode of Anne with an E (a Netflix show based on Anne of Green Gables). And of course we read her new half-birthday books.

At 5 ½, Zara is still a whirlwind of energy.  She go-go-gos until she crashes, although she still regularly denies that she ever needs to sleep. I take photos like these just to prove to her that she does indeed sleep...and how angelic she looks when she does it. She's becoming a reader just like her big sister, loves arts and crafts, and is a wonderful big sister.

We celebrated her 5th birthday just as we got settled in the trailer and now her half just as we embarked on our first big adventure. ❤️ Here's to another 6 months of adventure for our wild and crazy middle girl in her 5th year.
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