Saying Hello

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  • We got a #drone for @roadwarriorwp!  Chris was testing it out today. If you haven't followed our business on social, yet, you should because there are some cool photos and videos coming soon!

We're going to be hitting the road July 2nd for our first big summer trip and I'm so excited to spend 6 weeks traveling, exploring, and photographing the US.
  • Piano practice at Grandpa’s house.

All school year we were parked at Chris’ dad’s ranch outside of town.  The last two weeks we’ve been parked in the driveway of our new house to better manage the renovation process. While I’ve really enjoyed being in town (and our gas budget has too), I’ll admit that we’ve been missing being able to drop in on grandpa.  The girls loved being able to walk over to his house, whether for piano practice or a secret coffee party with cocoa nibs and demitasse cups heavily creamed and sugared.

This year the two older girls started taking piano lessons and it’s been such a joy listening to their progress.  Addie, too, is obsessed with the piano, so I don’t think it will be long before we have a third little Mozart to play for us.
  • Have I ever told you about #peointernational? For sure I've mentioned it in passing at one point, but it's probably been a very long time.

P.E.O. is a women's organization I'm part of. Part sisterhood and part philanthropic organization, P.E.O. is a group with chapters across the country and internationally, which work together to raise funds for 5 different scholarship and student loan programs to support women's education.  P.E.O. even owns an accredited liberal arts college Missouri.

It's an amazing organization, but I haven't been involved actively since we left Wyoming, mostly due to time issues in Colorado... I was too busy focusing on growing my business to have time for “extracurriculars” or social events.

Well, since moving to Texas I've been visiting a couple of local chapters and it's so nice to be making time for it again - both because P.E.O. has a fantastic mission and also because it's an instant community wherever you go.
  • When we sold our 2100 sqft house to move into our travel trailer, we realized pretty quickly that an office was in order.  We can definitely get some work done in our trailer, but conference calls are more challenging and as we've grown, we've realized that having a physical location tied to a Google Plus listing is helpful for providing the impression of legitimacy. (Not that home based businesses aren't legitimate, but there are definitely some prospective clients who take an office as a marker of seriousness and that we're going to be there to partner with them for the long haul.) - 
I spent some time watching commercial real estate and in December we were excited to find this gorgeous rennovated house turned office building.  It's a little off the beaten path, but it works perfectly for us, with a full kitchen for food prep, room for a food photography set up plus desk space for Chris, one of our local employees, and me. - 
I've been working long days the last few weeks while Chris rocks dad mode at home with the girls.  Sometimes it feels really exhausting, but it's nice to have the option of taking a break on a rocking chair on the front porch or strolling under the trees.  And on days when the girls come to the office, there's plenty of room for them to roam and blackberries to pick. -

For our first real office, I'd say we lucked out.
  • Surprise of the weekend: baby girl LOVES splash pads.  After two babies finiky about wet faces, I thought for sure she would just sit on the side and splash in a puddle far away from the fountains and sprayers...Nope! She had a blast crawling all around, sitting in and under the water, and getting herself soaked head to toe.  Maybe she will follow in my swim team footsteps?

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