July Celebrations


July brings one of our favorite holidays.  I’m a real sucker for red, white, and blue, summer sun and simple celebrations of unity and promise, so I get super excited when the 4th of July roles around.  Just like last year, we joined Nora’s school in the Fourth of July parade, only this year she […]

Backyard Camping


After our trial run last fall in the freezing cold with borrowed gear and a sick baby, we crazily decided that camping regularly was something we wanted to do…because it really could only be uphill from there, right?  The only problem we had was that we did not own a single piece of camping gear. […]

Some Random Things


I wrote a while back that I might use Thursdays as an opportunity to play catch up on all the things I never blogged, in honor of “Throwback Thursday” — and then I proceeded to not blog at all…and apparently not take pictures off of my camera, either, because when I went to get pictures […]

Debt Free


It is officially summer in Colorado.  We have a mini garden started with some veggies and berries, we’ve taken our first trip to buy delicious things from the farmer’s market, and this afternoon Chris and I rode bikes (together!) to pick the girls up from their summer program.  After a gray Seattle-like May, we are reveling in […]

Hello 30

30 Before 30

One year ago, I posted of a list of 30 things I wanted to do before today: Pay off my school loans Go to Wanderlust Colorado  Get Boudoir Photos Taken  Go to a Movie Alone Knit a Sweater Be Capable of Passing the Army Physical Fitness Test Read Pride and Prejudice Go Camping Relearn How […]

Zara’s First Hair Cut


In honor of “Throwback Thursdays,” I’m going to use Thursdays as a day to take a break from my new goal of writing substance and post all of the things from the last few months that I never got around to posting…like Zara getting her first real hair cut.  I took her right before we […]

Getting Back On The Horse


After days…weeks…a month of not blogging, the thought of starting up again feels overwhelming. In the beginning, it was easy to let days slip past in a blur of road trips, family visits, and holidays, but once settled back into our routine, time moved slower again.  Though still stuffed with work and kids and new […]

Thanksgiving Part II


We’re nearly at the end of December, so it seems like I ought to take the time to share photos from the second half of our trip to Austin, visiting with Chris’ mom, step-dad, siblings and extended family. When we first arrived, we had a little time warp forward to this month: Chris’s brother and […]

Thanksgiving Part 1


Our little family went to Texas!  This Thanksgiving, Chris’ family very, very generously offered to buy us plane tickets so that we could visit his hometown for the first time in more than 4 years.  After a very short discussion about the harm (or lack there of) of letting Nora miss two days of kindergarten, […]

Post November Gratitude


Apparently, I needed a little blogging break and didn’t even know it.  I’m not sure that I’ve every gone as long between posts as I did between now and and my previous post – a whole month – and I’m already feeling rusty from the absence of writing. Even though I did not manage a […]