Saturday Surfing

Finds of the Week:

  • Cardboard Playhouse, Eclectic Mom — I knew I was saving all those cardboard boxes for a reason!
  • Eating Animals, The Atlantic – a great, balanced article about the ethics of eating meat.
  • FDA Backs Off Withdrawing Certain Antibiotics from Livestock Use, Food Safety News — Obama administration caves on regulating antibiotics in livestock.  Have we already forgotten about the antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the turkeys????  Boo.
  • The Most Real Things In The World, And Also Santa Claus, Her Bad Mother — This presents an interesting argument for why we should tell our children Santa exists, touching upon Plato’s concept of the “noble lie.”  Not only is it a good read, but it reminded me of how much I need to be using my philosophy degree in my life/parenting/writing.
  • Organic Agriculture May Be Outgrowing Its Ideals, NY Times — Good NYT piece on the globalization of organic. How green is it now?  When making your New Year’s resolutions this year, resolve to join a CSA!
  • What’s with the problems with powdered infant formula?, Food Politics — Marion talks about the latest scare regarding bacteria in powdered formula and why powdered formula is problematic.  Her bottom line: if you aren’t breastfeeding, liquid formula is the safest option.
Etsy Love:
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